Delivery Driver:

We’re looking for another driver to join our veg box delivery team to help deliver our veg boxes each Friday.

The job involves loading the vehicle with veg boxes and groceries and then making the deliveries to each household on your route.

You will need your own vehicle (a van or larger car is best) as well as a sat nav or map app.

You will need to be available  almost every Friday from 9.30. We estimate the route will take around 4 hours initially with a likely increase over time as we add new customers to your route.

We pay the Living Wage of £8.45/h, have a mileage allowance, staff discount, and offer a employer contribution pension at 3% .

You will have the option to undertake the job either as an employee or in a self employed capacity.

To apply just email with a few details on why the role would suit you, and you the role.