Veg Boxes

We deliver local organic veg boxes to over 300 households per week across much of west central Scotland with produce grown in our gardens and sourced from other local organic growers. What’s in the box varies from week to week with the seasons with our standard box containing 7-9 varieties each week.

To find out more and to sign up for a veg box simply fill out this form. You’ll be directed to a confirmation page with a link to Go Cardless – please follow this link to set up a direct debit. We can then send confirmation of your order and take payment.

Please note that all of our deliveries go out on a Friday, and we can’t guarantee a delivery time . Please ensure that you leave alternative delivery instructions on the online form, in case you’re not going to be in. Ideally, let us know of a safe place out of sight, and out of the weather that we can leave your delivery. If you live in a tenement you could provide us with a key to the close so we can leave your delivery outside your flat door.


What do you get in a veg box?

The contents of our veg boxes vary from week to week with the seasons and what we can source through our growers but nearly always include potatoes, carrots and onions.

How local is the produce?

We source all our produce as locally as possible and grow most of it ourselves during peek season. The rest we largely source from other organic Scottish growers and never from outside the UK.

Is all the produce organic?

Yes. We only buy from organic producers and our own land is in the process of being certified organic by the Soil Association.

Are the boxes good value for money?

Our customers think so. In a survey 92% gave us at least 4 out of 5 for value! Most of our competitors prices start at £12 while our small bag is just £5.

How are payments taken?

Our veg box deliveries are paid by monthly direct debit, always paying for the month ahead. We average the price out over the course of a year, which takes into account the few months which have five Fridays.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, we have a minimum order of £8, + £2 delivery charge per weekly delivery.

Is there a delivery charge?

Delivery is a flat rate of £2 per week.

Do I need to be home for deliveries?

No. Let us know of a safe place that our driver can leave your delivery. If you live in a tenement, you could give us a key to the close so your order can be left outside your flat door.


Veg boxes

Small: £5/pw
Medium: £10/pw
Large: £15/pw
Extra Large: £20

Fruit bags

In each bag there’s one variety of fruit.

1 variety of fruit: £3/pw


6 organic Scottish eggs – £1.80/pw

Dairy milk

2l organic milk (whole or semi skimmed): £1.90/pw
1l organic milk (whole or semi skimmed): £1.10/pw
0.5 organic milk (whole or semi skimmed): 85p/pw

Non dairy milk & juice

1l organic oat milk: £1.65/pw
1l organic soya milk: £1.57/pw
1l organic apple juice: £3.20/pw
1l organic orange juice: £2.58/pw


700g original white £2.66/pw
700g wholewheat £2.66/pw
700g rye & caraway £2.66/pw
700g walnut & honey £3.22/pw
700g spelt £3.22/pw
Surprise me! £2.90/pw

Other groceries

245g organic mild cheddar £2.98/pw
245g organic mature cheddar £3.20/pw
250g organic salted butter £1.68/pw
250g organic unsalted butter £1.68/pw
Tin of chopped tomatoes 69p/pw

Monthly specials

We also deliver monthly selections of meat, cheese, loose dry goods, sweet and savoury treats.

Meat boxes

Small: £55/pm
Standard: £110/pm
Family: £150/pm
Value: £75/pm

Cheese boxes

Small: £20/pm
Standard: £37.50/pm
Large: £55/pm

Pasta, pulse & grain boxes

Small: £10/pm
Standard: £15/pm
Large: £20/pm

Treat boxes

Sweet treats £20/pm
Savoury treats £20/pm

Customer Quotes

“I’ve had a number of veg boxes/bags over the years and think the Locavore one compares very favourably. The quality is excellent and it is good value and I particularly like it that it is a local social enterprise. I’m very pleased with it and always recommend it to friends. Keep up the good work!”

“We love picking up our veg bags as they are great value for money & make us to try different recipes!”

If you have any further questions please drop us an email at, or call us on 0141 423 8685.