Bring on the Food Revolution

The world is facing an immediate climate crisis, and we are beyond the stage of tinkering at the edges – we need brave, bold actions to tackle it head-on, and everyone has a role to play.  The food system, one of the major drivers for this climate crisis,  is stacked to support multinationals which exist…

Veg Box Newsletter 26th April: Salad Days

It’s more important to look at the vegetables that are in front of you and choose one you want to eat. Tease out that desire like a bouffant: would it be nice with something creamy? Something sharp? Something crunchy?

Radish Stew Recipe

My grandad was obsessed with radishes. In summer he used to wonder around eating them like apples and I could never understand why. To my young palate they were too hot and peppery and I did not like them. When I got older and more interested in food I found radishes bland. By that time…

Veg Box Newsletter 19th April: Black Garlic

As this is a city that loves coffee a lot, Dear Green has scented the literal air of Glasgow, the richly perfumed steam floating out the doors of the independent coffee shops everywhere in the city.

Black Garlic Recipe

We’ve got an exciting new ingredient in the veg box shop this week. Black garlic is a really handy store cupboard ingredient and it tastes like nothing else. It is versatile enough to add to almost any cuisine to give sweetness and complexity, it doesn’t really taste like garlic. This black garlic comes from Spain….