Bring on the Food Revolution

The world is facing an immediate climate crisis, and we are beyond the stage of tinkering at the edges – we need brave, bold actions to tackle it head-on, and everyone has a role to play.  The food system, one of the major drivers for this climate crisis,  is stacked to support multinationals which exist…

Chard Week: Soil Health

When you hear that our beloved market garden grew twice as much chard than planned, your first thought might be “that’s a lot of chard,” or “I will cook mine with anchovies,”or “Locavore should organise some kind of Chard Week”.  Your second thought, however, will very likely be “why?” Well, the weather most certainly played…

Veg Box Newsletter 19th July: It’s Chard Week!

You ride out the hard veg box times with us- the hungry gap this year seemed to last forever- and this is the good time, the time of plenty, where the boxes are full of greens and our farm is buzzing and vibrant

Veg Box Newsletter 12th July: Sour But Splendid

Yellow little things, cheering but everyday (and every week available on the Online Veg Box Shop). Sour, but all the more wonderful for it. Lemons are bright and bold but also delicately flavourful

Veg Box Newsletter 5th July: Chard

in any case, I certainly didn’t appreciate chard until I started getting a veg box. Chard is a leafy green with lots in common with spinach- and indeed, perpetual spinach, which we have in the boxes this week, is actually a variety of chard that’s so spinachy as to be interchangeable. Rainbow chard, a mix of varieties with different stem colours- each one more gem-like than the last- will glow like a video game collectable item in all the veg boxes this week so I thought it might be a good time, to, well, appreciate it.

Turnips Baby!

I find myself surprised to be raving about turnips but rave I am going to! Those baby turnips we have been getting from Gordon Caldwell are so good. I have never tasted such sweet, succulent turnips. I have seen some comments on the Facebook group that some of our subscribers don’t like turnips and are…

Veg Box Newsletter 28th June: In Our Garden

Now, I know you know that we have a market garden. You might know it’s called the Left Field, that it’s based near Neilston, and that it produces a lot of the wonderful things you get in your veg box this time of year