Veg Box Newsletter 21st September: How green was my tomato

The Online Veg Box Shop is Open! This week on the Online Veg Box Shop, we’re offering green tomatoes from our farm. They might not be red and ripe, but green tomatoes have plenty to recommend them. Maybe you’ll make like the Whistlestop Cafe and fry them in cornmeal and breadcrumbs for a crunchy, sharp snack. Your Saturday…

Veg Box Newsletter 7th September: Ring the Changes

Mine will go into soup. I’ll roast it with carrots and onions, rosemary, and plenty of olive oil; at the same time, I’ll roast a head or two of garlic in foil. When the veg is soft and just a little charred, and the garlic has turned to a velvety purree

Chard Thoran Recipe

Eating seasonal veg is really important to us Locavore folks as it means we get the tastiest most sustainable produce. However, it doesnt mean we have to eat the same things all the time. There’s no reason we can’t pair great Scottish produce with flavours & cooking techniques from anywhere. This is one of my…

Veg Box Newsletter 17th August: Divisive Celery

And then there’s celery, which can only be described as divisive. Some people adore celery for its crisp bite, its concave hollow so perfect for scooping hummus, its subtle and irreplaceable flavour

Kale and Chard Saag Paneer Recipe

One of our principles here at Locavore is that using locally grown veg doesn’t mean being limited by the local cuisine- you can use the wonderful fresh things we can grow right here to make food inspired by cooking done all over the world

Spring Onion and Ginger Sauce Recipe

Seasonal Sauce… with a hint of winter Apparently it’s summer, though you wouldn’t know it from looking outside. With an abundance of spring onions, and yet chilly weather, it was time for me to get a bit more creative with what I was cooking. Ginger is a beautiful warming spice that I can’t get enough…