Veg Box Newsletter w/c 26.3.18

Hello Folks, We’re almost there with our new home on Victoria Road! To cover a few unexpected costs, our loanstock is still open. If you’d like to invest in us, register your interest here. To accompany our small and standard folding boxes, we have just taken delivery of sturdier boxes for the large and extra…

Veg Box Newsletter w/c 19.3.18

Hello Folks, Today your small and medium delivery will be arriving in a brand new reusable, foldable Locavore veg box! These strong cardboard boxes are built to last and will mean we don’t have to use those awful plastic bags any more – yay! In saying that, anything perishable such as salads or greens will…

Munch of the Month | March & April

Congratulations to Samantha Roman who won our Munch of the Month “Winter” competition with her squash bowl filled with a lemon mushroom soup garnished with the seeds from the squash. Samantha received a hamper filled with ethical goods from our shop with her latest veg box delivery. Thank you to everyone else who entered the…

Veg Box Newsletter w/c 12.3.18

Hello Folks, As you can see from the contents lists below, we’ve hit that time of year when the veg boxes are very heavy indeed! The range of UK grown produce available is becoming more and more limited, despite the beginnings of a few salad crops that will be featuring in the veg boxes occasionally….

Veg Box Newsletter w/c 05.03.18

Hello Folks, Thank you for your patience and bearing with us last week – that’s the first time we’ve ever had to cancel deliveries completely! ————————————————————————– WEDNESDAY DELIVERIES Your veg box may be missing onions as we are still awaiting on them arriving – we have made the value up with another type of veg….