Study Visits

We receive lots of requests from organisations and individuals who want to learn from what we do to set up or improve their own local food projects and businesses. We think we have lots of value to share and see it as part of our social purpose to help others get started with their own ideas.

During your visit we can arrange tours of our growing sites, shop and warehouse. We can also put time aside for our teams to sit down and chat through both how we have got to where we are and how we do everything that we do.  We are able to tailor visits to cover the areas of the enterprise that are most relevant to you so that we can make it as worthwhile as possible.

Due to the level of interest, our limited time, and the fact that we are not funded we charge a fee for study visits. This helps us cover the cost of the tour and the cost of our team not doing their normal work, as well as some of the value of what we have to share. We charge a very reasonable flat fee of £150+vat for a half day visit for funded organisations. If you are a private business or individual please contact us to discuss.

If you would like to talk through what you are after in further detail give Reuben a call on 0141 423 8685 or email