Veg Box Newsletter 5th July: Chard

in any case, I certainly didn’t appreciate chard until I started getting a veg box. Chard is a leafy green with lots in common with spinach- and indeed, perpetual spinach, which we have in the boxes this week, is actually a variety of chard that’s so spinachy as to be interchangeable. Rainbow chard, a mix of varieties with different stem colours- each one more gem-like than the last- will glow like a video game collectable item in all the veg boxes this week so I thought it might be a good time, to, well, appreciate it.

Veg Box Newsletter 28th June: In Our Garden

Now, I know you know that we have a market garden. You might know it’s called the Left Field, that it’s based near Neilston, and that it produces a lot of the wonderful things you get in your veg box this time of year

Veg Box Newsletter 7th June: Hot Coals

And as you walk down the street or through the park, an unmistakable summer scent reaches you, drifting on the breeze: someone, somewhere, is having a barbeque

Veg Box Newsletter 31st May: Spring Onions

rainbow carrots are, in their surprise and their variety, rejuvenating. Roast them to turn them into jewels, sweet and gleaming, a transformation for alchemists to envy