Left Field

Left Field is our largest garden at 2.5 acres and is located just outside of Neilston which is less than 10 miles from Glasgow city centre.

The site is split into 12 plots with 10 beds in each which are 30m long and 75cm wide. We manage the site to low till principals using a two wheel tractor with power harrow and rotary plough. Low till means we don’t turn the soil which is better for microbial life in the soil and creates a richer, healthier soil.

Key crops at Left Field are kale, leeks, garlic, onions, carrots, beetroot, courgettes as well as salads and leafy greens like spinach and chard.

The market garden also has a small orchard, blackcurrant bushes and a large polytunnel where we grow more exotic crops like cucumbers and extend the season of leafy greens. Like all our sites Left Field is managed organically and currently in conversion to organic certification with the Soil Association.

We currently have a full team of volunteers at the market garden, and have a waiting list. Get in touch with Kathy if you’re interested in helping out for the future (this is likely to be February 2020 at the earliest) and popping your name down. Prospective volunteers are asked to complete an application form and take part in a trial session, in advance of becoming  a regular volunteer.