Grocery Items for Subscription

We offer a range of extras you can subscribe to alongside your veg box. These items are also available on the online shop, if you’d rather add them as and when needed.

The prices below will come into effect as of 01/01/2021.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Fresh Items

Butter, Salted – Yeo Valley 250g£2.75
Butter, Unsalted – Yeo Valley 250g£2.75
Butter, Vegan Block – Naturli 200g£1.89
Cheddar Cheese, Mature – Lyecross 245g£3.51
Cheddar Cheese, Mild – Lyecross 245g£2.39
Eggs, Mixed Size (6)£1.90
Milk, Semi-Skimmed – 1 pint£1.02
Milk, Whole – 1 pint£1.02
Tempeh – Clearspot 200g£3.69
Tofu, Plain – Clearspot 280g£1.99
Tofu, Smoked – Clearspot 225g£2.75
Yoghurt, Full Fat – Yeo Valley 500g£1.75
Yoghurt, Soya – Sojade 400g£1.35

Grains & Dry Goods

Arborio rice – Greencity 500g£3.15
Basmati Rice, White – Greencity 500g£2.15
Cane Sugar, Raw – Equal Exchange 500g£2.39
Cocoa Crunch Cereal – Whole Earth 375g£3.07
Flour, Plain White – Doves Farm 1kg£1.40
Jumbo Oats – Greencity 1kg£3.25
Muesli, Deluxe – Greencity 500g£2.49
Red lentils – Greencity 500g£2.15
Sunflower Seeds – Greencity 250g£1.79

Tinned Goods

Baked Beans – Suma£1.19
Beans, Black – Locavore£0.67
Beans, Black Eye – Locavore£0.67
Beans, Borlotti – Locavore£0.67
Beans, Butter – Locavore£0.67
Beans, Cannellini – Locavore£0.67
Beans, Fava – Hodmedod’s£1.17
Beans, Mixed – Organic£0.67
Beans, Red Kidney – Locavore£0.67
Chickpeas – Locavore£0.75
Chopped Tomatoes – Locavore£0.90
Coconut Milk – Ma’s Kitchen£1.79
Green Peas – Locavore£0.67
Lentils – Locavore£0.67
Mackerel in Olive Oil – Pan Do Mar 125g£2.40
Sardines in Organic Olive Oil – Pan Do Mar 125g£1.98
Sweetcorn – Suma£1.39
Tomatoes, Peeled – Locavore£0.88
Vaal Dhal – Hodmedod’s 400g£1.92
White Tuna Loins in Olive Oil – Pan Do Mar 120g£3.75

Non-Dairy Milk

Oat Milk – Minor Figures 1L£2.09
Soya Milk, Unsweetened – Provamel 1L£2.00


Biscuits, Fruity Oat – Doves Farm£1.52
Chocolate, Caramel & Sea Salt – Locavore 100g£3.04
Chocolate, Dark – Locavore 100g£3.04
Chocolate, Extra Dark – Locavore 100g£3.04
Chocolate, Milk – Locavore 100g£3.04
Chocolate, White – Locavore 100g£3.04
Chocolate, Almond 55% – Equal Exchange 100g£1.93
Chocolate, Lemon Ginger 55% – Equal Exchange 100g£1.93
Chocolate, Orange infused 65% – Equal Exchange 100g£1.93
Chocolate, Raspberry 65% – Equal Exchange 100g£1.93
Locavore Kitchen Granola (vegan)£3.50
Locavore Kitchen Hummus (vegan)£3.50
Locavore Kitchen Pesto (vegan)£3.50
Locavore Kitchen Sweet Treat Trio (vegan)£10
Oatcakes, Super Seeded – Nairns£1.77
Oatcakes – Nairns£1.53
Waffles, Maple Syrup – Biona£2.49

Pasta & Noodles

Noodles, Asian Style – Biona£2.48
Pasta, Lasagne, white – Castagno 250g£1.47
Pasta, Macaroni, white – Castagno 500g£1.11
Pasta, Penne, Brown Rice – Suma 500g£2.50
Pasta, Penne, white – Castagno 500g£1.15
Pasta, Penne, wholewheat – Castagno 500g£1.15
Pasta, Spaghetti, white – Castagno 500g£1.15
Pasta, Spaghetti, wholewheat – Castagno 500g£1.20

Nuts & Nut Butters

Almonds, Whole – Ecoato 250g£3.99
Cashews – Greencity 125g£2.95
Walnuts, Broken – Greencity 125g£2.19
Nut Butter, Cashew Caramello – Almighty Foods – 200g£6.26
Nut Butter, Hazelnut Fuj – Almighty Foods 200g£6.26
Nut Butter, Peanut Caramello – Almighty Foods 200g£4.47
Peanut Butter, Smooth – Meridian 470g£4.29
Peanut Butter, Crunchy – Meridian4780g£4.29

Spreads & Honey

Raspberry Jam – Thursday Cottage£3.20
Raw Honey – Ed’s Bees 340g£8.25
Tahini, Light – Suma 280g£3.94


Bread, Baguette – Freedom Bakery£1.33
Bread, Large White Bloomer – Freedom Bakery£4.20
Bread, Large White Sourdough – Freedom Bakery£4.70
Bread, Large Wholemeal Sourdough£4.70
Bread, Lennox Loaf – Freedom Bakery£5.25
Bread, Small White Bloomer – Freedom Bakery£2.50
Bread, Small White Sourdough – Freedom Bakery£2.65
Bread, Small Wholemeal Sourdough – Freedom Bakery£2.65
Bread, Struan – Freedom Bakery£3.50
Bread, Ryeberry Sourdough – Freedom Bakery£4.35
Bread, Rye – Biona£1.99
Bread – Different Breid – Original White£2.95
Bread – Different Breid – Wholemeal£2.95
Bread – Different Breid – Rye & Caraway£2.95
Bread – Different Breid – Walnut & Honey£3.60
Bread – Different Breid – Spelt£3.60
Pastry, Cinnamon Bun x 2 – Freedom Bakery£2.80
Pastry, Copenhagen x 2 – Freedom Bakery£2.40
Pastry, Croissant x 2 – Freedom Bakery£2.70
Pastry, Pain Au Chocolat x2 – Freedom Bakery£3.30

Please note* Different Breid products are only available for deliveries on WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY at present


Coconut Oil, Virgin – Locavore 500ml£5.93
Olive Oil, Extra Virgin – Arcadia 1L£8.81
Olive Oil, Extra Virgin, 1L Spanish – Acebuchar£8.81

Store Cupboard Staples

Bouillon Powder, Vegan – Marigold 150g£2.35
Cocoa Powder – Equal Exchange 250g£4.49
Olives, Kalamata Pitted – Mani£3.20
Olives, Kalamata Whole – Mani£2.94
Passata – Locavore 680g£1.19
Tomato Puree – Suma 200g£1.29
Veg Stock – 9 Meals From Anarchy£3.49
Vegetable stock cubes – Kallo£1.59
Yeast Flakes With B12 – Marigold 125g£3.55

Coffee & Tea

Coffee Filters 50 pack£1.17
Coffee, GROUND – Dear Green 250g£6.75
Coffee, Ground, Women Farmers – Equal Exchange£4.89
Coffee, WHOLEBEAN – Dear Green 250g£6.75
Tea Bags, Classic – Yogi Tea£2.51
Tea, Everyday – Clipper£3.49
Tea, Peppermint – Clipper£1.44
Tea, Turmeric Chai – Yogi Tea£2.51


Juice, Apple – Oakwood£3.20
Juice, Orange – Ekolo 750ml£3.45
Juice, Pear – Oakwood£3.20


Mini Panty Liners – Natracare£1.79
Soap, Glycerin – Greencity£1.70
Tampons, Applicator – Natracare£2.93
Tampons, Super – Natracare£3.15
Toilet Roll, 9 pack – Soft on Nature£3.88
Toothbrush, Medium – The Environmental Toothbrush£2.95
Toothpaste, Mint – Kingfisher£3.15
Ultra Pads, Regular – Natracare£2.48
Ultra Pads, Super – Natracare£2.48

Cleaning Supplies

Bio D All Purpose Sanitiser Spray£2.78
Bio D Fabric Conditioner, Unscented 1L£2.40
Bio D Handwash, Geranium 500ml£3.83
Bio D Laundry Liquid, Unscented£5.19
Bio D Toilet Cleaner 750ml£2.40
Bio D Washing Powder£4.26
Bio D Washing Up Liquid 750ml£2.16
Caddy Liners, Compostable – Ecozone 22 bags£3.39
Dishwasher Tablets – Ecoleaf 25 tablets£5.25
Refuse Sacks, Degradable – D2W£1.35
Wooden Vegetable Brush£6.30
Brush, Washing Up£2.55