Our Economic Impact

Our 2020 Social Impact Survey told us that 88% of customers put supporting local producers as the most important reason for shopping with Locavore, and we can demonstrate that even making small shifts in spending can have a big impact. 

Working in partnership with some of our main suppliers and our staff, we conducted an exercise looking at what happens to every pound spent in our Govanhill shop – this found that we are regularly working with over 70 suppliers for the stock in our shop, and nearly 60% of them are in Scotland.

Based on surveys asking suppliers and staff to identify how they allocated their own spending, we were able to calculate that £1 spent with Locavore is worth £1.92 to Glasgow’s economy, or £2.36 overall to Scotland’s economy, or £2.87 to the Scottish and Progressive economy – businesses like ours. 

You can find out more about this research here, but the fundamental message is if you shop with Locavore, you support  a whole network of individuals and businesses who share our approach and are driving the transformation of our food system.