The Owner’s Guide to Locavore Flowers

Whether you buy your flowers from one of our shops or have them delivered with your veg boxes, there’s no doubt that these beautiful organic flowers are worth taking care of so they last as long as possible, to brighten more of your days

Veg Box Newsletter 7th June: Hot Coals

And as you walk down the street or through the park, an unmistakable summer scent reaches you, drifting on the breeze: someone, somewhere, is having a barbeque

What I Do With My Veg Box: Saoirse

Welcome to the first of our new series, in which we share what actually happens to all of the veg in our box. We want to break down what it all gets used for in real, busy lives. We all cook and eat differently, and it’s never cookbook-perfect.

Veg Box Newsletter 31st May: Spring Onions

rainbow carrots are, in their surprise and their variety, rejuvenating. Roast them to turn them into jewels, sweet and gleaming, a transformation for alchemists to envy