Palestinian Vegetable Fritters Recipe

I am currently obsessed with the book Falastin by Sami Tamimi and Tara Wrigley. Its a beautiful book full of nostalgic meals, inspiring food stories and the history of a place which most of us probably don’t know that much about – Palastine. I love to travel and like most of us I am missing…

Veg Box Newsletter 18th January: Cook Book

A good cookbook is almost intimate, teaching you as it does to repeat the movements of its author to make something that they ate. It takes you outside of your own perspective and preferences and shows you another way of cooking and eating, something I need very much in this long stretch of cooking only for myself and my household

Veg Box Newsletter 24th December: Happy Holidays from the Veg Box Team

It’s been a pleasure writing to you each week, from my kitchen to yours, throughout this hard year. I love seeing what you cook and hearing your thoughts on the best ways to use up an onion surplus, or how to make do during an onion shortage. I hope you’ve enjoyed the rollercoaster ride of eating seasonally, and that you’re as excited as I am to do it all again.

Veg Box Newsletter 21st December: Before and Afters

My freezer is full of cut out but unbaked cheese biscuits. There’s a (free-range, high-welfare) duck in there too, and goose fat in the fridge. I have made and iced cardamom shortbread and posted it out to everyone I’ve ever met for more than 15 minutes