Veg Box Payments

We are only able to take payment via direct debit. If you need to change which bank account you pay from, please email us. Please do not cancel your direct debit without notifying us.

We always charge retrospectively- that is to say, we charge for deliveries after they are made, never in advance. We generally charge on the Thursday after the delivery, but it then takes about a week for the charge to reach your bank account, and then an additional few days to be taken in full. This means a charge can take a few weeks from the date of the delivery to be fully processed.

We send out itemised invoices each week when we process charges; we’re currently having some trouble with these reflecting credits accurately, so please email if something doesn’t look right. Additionally, these invoices are being rejected by many hotmail email addresses, so please consider adding our address to your spam whitelist to help make sure it gets through to you. We’re in the process of switching over to a new database, which will allow you to log in and see invoices and payments at any time- this tricky transition period should give way to massive progress soon.