Customer Key Policy

Locavore Veg Boxes: Customer Key Policy

The following are rules we follow when dealing with customer keys.

  • Customers can give us keys to guarantee the driver access to their close, porch, etc. We do not take keys to front door of a customer’s house or that give us access to the customer’s flat.

  • Customers can send keys to Veg Box HQ at Bellahouston Park; they cannot drop keys off at the shop, or give keys to drivers. We recommend that customers send keys by signed-for delivery, but this is their choice; we are not responsible for keys lost in the post.

  • When we receive customers’ keys, we process them as soon as possible. When we do this, we mark them on the address portion of a customer’s account, add them to the run, and email the customer to confirm receipt. We do this only when we physically have the keys- not when we are expecting them, or if the key is in another location for any reason.

  • Keys will be labelled with the customer’s name and customer number. They will not be labelled with the address, or any other information.

  • The customer can ask for their key to be returned at any time; if the customer cancels, we will automatically return their key. In both cases, the key will be sent by signed-for Royal Mail delivery.

  • Any time the keys leave the premises of Veg Box HQ in Bellahouston Park, they must be signed out on the sheet. When they return, they must be signed in.
  • The address to send keys to is:
    Locavore Bellahouston
    36 Dumbreck Road
    G41 5LN