Veg Box Policy


The veg box subscription is monthly, running from the first to the last day of each calendar month. This means that:

  • payments are made monthly
  • if you’re wanting to cancel your order, this will take effect at the beginning of the next calendar month

How often we deliver

  • The frequency of deliveries is either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • Other items from our shop can be delivered on either a weekly or monthly basis.
  • The minimum order value per delivery is £10 including the delivery charge.


  • The delivery charge is a flat rate of £2, which pays our drivers the living wage as well as a mileage allowance.
  • We deliver on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, which depends the delivery area.
  • We can’t guarantee a delivery time, as this will vary due to the number of deliveries, traffic and weather conditions etc, however as the delivery runs mostly stay the same from week to week, you can expect your delivery around the same time every week.
  • It is your responsibility to provide us with delivery instructions, especially if you know you won’t be home when we deliver. Please let us know of somewhere safe and sheltered that we can leave your delivery.
  • If you live in a tenement, it is your responsibility to ensure your driver can gain access to the close, or to provide a safe place for the order to be left should they be unable to gain entry. If your driver is unable to gain access and cannot identify a safe place to leave your order, it will be brought to the shop for customer collection. You can give us a key for the close so we can leave your veg box outside your flat door.
  • If your veg box is stolen, we’ll replace it on the first occasion that this happens. We won’t be able to replace any subsequent stolen boxes, as you’re responsible for providing us with delivery instructions.


  • You can collect from our shop, avoiding the delivery fee and minimum order.
  • Items available for collection are limited to fruit, veg, eggs and bread.
  • Orders are available to collect on Friday mornings from 10.30am onwards. (Collection is available on Wednesdays upon request).
  • We advise collecting as soon as possible as we don’t have a refrigerated space in which to store the veg boxes, and won’t be able to replace any spoiled produce. Uncollected veg boxes will be dismantled on Sunday evening (Thursday evening for Wednesday collections).
  • If you’re entire order doesn’t fit into your veg box, we will highlight this on the label – please see a member of staff for assistance.

Setting up

  • After you’ve filled out the online form, you’ll be directed to a confirmation page with a link to Go Cardless to complete a direct debit mandate.
  • We’ll email you with confirmation of your order and payment schedule.
  • Your first delivery will be noted on the confirmation email that we send to you.


  • We take payment by direct debit through Go Cardless.
  • We’ll send you an invoice after the last delivery of every month, and payment will be taken from your account 3 days after. In a month, you will get four or five deliveries depending on how the dates fall.
  • When we first set up your subscription, we’ll process a payment for your first week, which will be taken within the following 3 days. This allows us to check that your direct debit mandate is working. This will appear on your invoice at the end of your first month, and the payment made will be deducted from the total due.

Pausing your order

  • If you’re going on holiday, or need to pause deliveries for a week, the deadlines are as follows:
Delivery day Deadline
Wednesday Sunday 5pm
Thursday & Friday Tuesday 4pm
  • If you contact us after this time, we will be able to cancel your delivery, however, you will still be charged for it, and we’ll donate your order to the Good Food Fund.
  • This allows us to plan ahead for ordering, harvesting and packing, and therefore reduce waste. If you contact us by the deadline, you won’t be charged for the delivery on the cancelled week(s).

Changing your order

  • You’ll need to give us written notice of the changes you wish to make, by emailing us at
  • You can contact us at any time to change to your order, however, if you’re wanting to make a change for the same week, you’ll need to contact us by the deadlines outlined above. This allows us to plan ahead for ordering, harvesting and packing.

Custom orders

  • All veg boxes are made up as standard, and the content varies seasonally and week to week.
  • If there’s anything you don’t want to receive, let us know and we’ll adjust your veg box accordingly.
  • Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that you’ll get specific items, or make up a custom box as the produce varies seasonally.


Should you require a refund in the event that an item is missing from your delivery, we’ll add a credit note to your order, which will be deducted from your invoice at the end of the month.


  • You’ll need to give us written notice of your cancellation, by emailing us at
  • You can contact us at any time to cancel your order, however, if you’re wanting to make a change for the same week, you’ll need to contact us by the deadlines outlined above. This allows us to plan ahead for ordering, harvesting and packing.
  • Should there be any credit remaining on your account when you cancel, we can either give this to you as credit to use in our shop (in the form of Locavore ‘Oatcakes’) or transfer the balance directly to your bank account.


  • We’ll deliver your veg in folding boxes (for standard size veg boxes and upwards), which we provide to ensure the produce is suitably packed. You’ll need to leave the box out for collection the following week, and we’ll replace it with a full one. There will be a replacement charge for any lost boxes.
  • We reuse the eggs boxes, so please help us reduce waste and costs by leaving those out for collection too.
  • The monthly meat and cheese boxes are delivered in insulated boxes with ice packs. Please leave these out for collection the following week, as we reuse them.

Other information

  • We’ll automatically add you to our weekly emailing list for veg box newsletters. Here you’ll find recipe ideas, and information on where your veg has come from. If you’d like to unsubscribe, just let us know.
  • We’ll automatically add you to the Open Food Network as a customer, meaning that you can place one off orders for delivery with your veg box – we’ll send more information and log in details when we set up your subscription.
  • If we need to contact you, we’ll do so by email or phone, so please ensure that if either change, that you let us know.

What happens if….

You’re not home for delivery (and you live in a flat)

  • We’ll try to gain access to the close by buzzing one of your neighbours, and we’ll leave your delivery outside your flat door.
  • If we can’t get into the close, we’ll leave the delivery in the safest place, and will contact you to let you know where we’ve left it.
  • If we can’t gain access to the close and your order contains a monthly special such as a meat or cheese box, we’ll return the order to the shop for collection and contact you.
  • We’d prefer to leave your order outside you flat door, out of sight and out of the weather, so if access is a recurring issue, we’ll ask for a spare key to the close.

You’re not home for delivery (and you live in a house)

  • We’ll leave your delivery in the safest place we can, and contact you to say where it is.

We’ve left your delivery outside your door, and it has been taken

  • In the first instance we’ll replace it, and ask for a safe place that you’re happy for us to leave your order.
  • If this continues to happen, we won’t be able to replace your order as it is your responsibility to ensure we have adequate delivery instructions.

Your order is partially delivered or not delivered

  • Contact us and we’ll track down your order.

If we’re out of stock of an item that you have ordered

  • We’ll substitute it as best we can, but if you’re not happy with this, we’ll refund you.

Let us know if there’s a problem by phoning Veg Box HQ on 0141 378 1672 or emailing us at – the only way we can improve our service is through customer feedback.