Veg Box Price List

Every week our veg boxes are packed with delicious, seasonal veg from the UK. Most of it is grown in Scotland and in the summer months we grow lots of salad & vegetables right here in Glasgow.

Veg boxes start from £7 (plus £2 delivery). You can also subscribe to supplementary veg bags which include produce from overseas, fruit bags, milk, fresh bread & eggs. These will come automatically each week with your veg box. We have an online grocery shop to order groceries such as nut milk, chocolate or coffee using our veg box shop when you need them.

Below is a list of our current products. If you have any questions please email us

Veg Boxes

Small Suitable for 1 person, includes 4-5 varieties of veg £7
Standard Suitable for 1-2 people, includes at least 6 varieties £12
Large Suitable for 2-3 people, includes at least 8 varieties £17
Extra Large Suitable for 3-4 people, includes at least 8 varieties £22

Fruit Bags

Small suitable for 1 person £4
Medium suitable for 2-3 people £8
Large suitable for 3-4 £12
Extra Large for a family of fruit lovers £16

Supplementary Veg

For those who want veg beyond the basics. The produce predominantly comes from overseas throughout the winter months, and is mostly Locavore and UK grown throughout the summer. It includes items such as aubergine, peppers, herbs, garlic & beans.

Small 1-2 varieties of veg/ingredients £5
Standard At least 3 varieties of veg/ingredients £10
Locavore Supplementary Veg