Wholesale Produce

If your shop, café, or restaurant prides itself on fresh, seasonal food we’d love to work with you.

We grow a wide variety of produce year round at three sites which are all within 10 miles of Glasgow city centre. We specialise in growing interesting varieties of vegetables you won’t find elsewhere, as well as fresh greens and salads.

We harvest and deliver to order which means we get produce to you from the field faster and fresher than anyone else.

As we’re a social enterprise your custom helps us do lots of positive things to help build a fairer and more sustainable local food network. You support helps us do things like the Good Food Fund, Grow the Growers and pay our staff the Living Wage.

You can find out more about our organic gardens or get in touch to start receiving our weekly wholesale offer and put fresh, local, organic produce on your menu.

You reach Kimberley who administers our wholesale offer at wholesale@glasgowlocavore.org or by phone at 0141 423 8685.